Business in Hospitality


Tourism is one of the most prosperous industries in MOROCCO, and doubly so when it comes to Morocco. MOROCCO and its big cities have traditions and architecture embedded in deep history. Visitors from both near and remote countries visit local regions due to sightseeing and specific MOROCCAN meals. Hotel business, restaurant facilities, bars – demand continues to exceed space and we can show you how to gain visibility.

Running a café or a restaurant is not just a question of space and several employees. If customers are to feel comfortable at your place, you need an idea, style and heart. Our experts with extensive experience in restaurant business will help add soul to your facility. A different entrepreneurial intention is required for a restaurant, and then something different again for a café; however, we are able to advise you in both cases. You do not have to be worried about furnishing the facility or about bureaucracy and paper work – this sphere is natural for us and we will arrange everything for you. We will help you optimize your plans, introduce you to the market and help you gain publicity. We are happy to advise you how to establish and then open and operate a café which will earn money plus we can give you advice when setting up and subsequently running a restaurant.

We will identify holes in your business and rectify these. We will find holes in the businesses of your competitors and we will help you use them to your advantage.