You are an operator of mineral resources in Morocco, physical, corporation or artisan?

A number of administrative procedures with the energy and mining delegations awaits.

Delegate administrative tasks to CARREFOUR BUSINESS:

Institution of research permits regulated by Articles 24 to 34 of the Dahir mining regulations. (Dahir of April 16, 1951)

  • Disposition Authority of  research products regulated by Article 36 of the aforementioned Royal Decree.
  • Renewal of research  license regulated by Article 38 of the aforementioned Royal Decree
  • Exceptional authorization and provisional operating authority to operate deposits governed by Article 35 and 39 of the aforementioned Royal Decree
  • Transformation of research permit into exploitation  license regulated by section 46-52 of the aforementioned Dahir
  • Renewal of exploitation   license  regulated by Article 56 and 57 of the Dahir aforementioned
  • Exceptional Extension of exploitation license  regulated by Article 61 of the aforementioned Dahir
  • Transfer of mining rights and leases regulated by Article 9 supra  of Dahir aforementioned Dahir